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Journey to Outer Space with the New Quizalize Game Rockzz!

Rockzz the new classroom quiz game

The new space-themed Quizalize Game Rockzz is here! Are you ready to journey out into the Galaxy and have some retro arcade game fun with your students?

Rockzz is a team versus team game sure to capture the imagination of your students and elevate learning in your classroom. Teams can accommodate between two and 100 players, meaning all classes can join in the retro, intergalactic fun.

Every correct answer shoots a rock at an asteroid and gets your class closer to an epic high score. Foster a teamwork ethos and gather your students in this new, exciting game.

Why not play Rockzz alongside some educational and NASA-based quizzes?

The world’s most powerful rocket ever, Artemis 1, has just been launched into space for the first time since Apollo 17 in December 1972.

The world is watching as the unmanned Artemis 1 embarks on its 26-day mission to demonstrate that the rocket – and the journey – are safe for astronauts. With a plan for man to return to the moon in 2025 (over 50 years since the last human stepped foot on the moon), Artemis’ launch is historic and iconic in equal measure.

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Quizalize has a selection of themed quizzes available for you to celebrate this momentous occasion with your students.

Here are our top quizzes to get your students excited to celebrate Artemis 1 and Rockzz:

Ready to get gaming with Quizalize Games and Rockzz?

Just login to your Quizalize account, create/import from Google Forms or assign a quiz and select Rockzz to play in class. Simple!

Not a Quizalize member yet? You can join for free today and be up and gaming in less than 60 seconds!


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