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Turn your Google Forms Quizzes into Epic Classroom Games!

Turn Google Forms quizzes into Quizalize classroom games

We are super excited to announce that you can now import your Google Forms quizzes into Quizalize and turn them into epic classroom games!

We know that so many Quizalize Teachers have resources in Google Forms, so we wanted to provide a way for you to use these resources within the Quizalize environment we know you love, while playing games for reporting in class.

That’s where our integration with Google comes in!

Now you can leverage your existing resources within Google and quickly and painlessly import them into Quizalize in just seconds. The result? Your Forms and resources rendered as fun and dynamic Quizalize quizzes and games for reporting in class, ready to be played by your students.

How do you import your Forms into Quizalize?


It’s super quick and easy! Just follow these three simple steps:
1. Copy your Form’s URL
2. In Quizalize click ‘create’, paste the URL and click ‘import’
Google Forms into Quizalize integration
3. Sign-in with your Google credentials
Google Forms into Quizalize integration
And voila! Your Google resource will import in seconds, ready to assign to your class.

When you import your resources into Quizalize you will also benefit from rich, data-based reports!

Ready to turn your Forms into epic classroom games?

When you import your Forms into Quizalize you can use them to fuel a Quizalize Game, just like any other Quizalize quiz! From fantasy Battlerzz to football-fever Goalzz, tomato-throwing Bearzz to retro-fun Rockzz, the opportunities to supercharge your Forms into a fun, engaging and EPIC classroom game are vast.

You can also add curriculum-tagged standards to your Forms when you bring them into Quizalize!

And have you heard about our integration with Google Classroom? You can use our Quizlet importer to import your Quizlet flashcards into Quizalize!

We hope you enjoy our new integration and are excited to start turning your Forms into epic classroom games!

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