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Minecraft-inspired, solo game Blockerzz is here!


Our new solo game Blockerzz has arrived!

You can now turn any quiz into an immersive 3D game with Blockerzz, the latest epic classroom quiz game from Quizalize

Blockerzz is a Minecraft-inspired solo game, which means students play the game while answering their quiz questions on their own device. Perfect for in-class or homework, Blockerzz will capture your students’ imagination and transport them to another, very block-y, world…

Blockerzz features four randomly assigned worlds to play within: the lush grasslands, the snowy foothills, the arctic mountains and open deserts. Students can explore these worlds and discover hidden features, such as imposing castles with their rich dungeons and pyramids with secret tombs. The world changes every time a student plays Blockerzz, so no two experiences will ever be the same.

Endless possibilities, unlimited fun!

To top it off, students can take aim and use the pointer to fire arrows at the moving target. Get quiz questions correct to add more arrows to your stash, and earn points for every shot that lands on target.

How do I play Blockerzz?

It’s super easy to try Blockerzz out! Go to, pick any of our starter quizzes and click “Play now” to launch the game.  Blockerzz runs instantly in the browser on any laptop, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone so there’s nothing to install.

It couldn’t be easier – and it’s free!

More featured worlds coming every month!

Once you’ve tried Blockerzz, sign up to a free Quizalize account so that you can assign students your own quizzes and see their quiz results. You can use any of the one million quizzes created or shared by other teachers, or import your own Google Form or Quizlet set or create a new quiz from scratch in minutes with the world’s easiest-to-use quiz creator.

How do I create my own world on Blockerzz

Blockerzz ‘Creative Mode’ new addition allows you and your students to explore your imagination and build your own worlds. With a great selection of blocks to choose from, this feature is sure to spark creativity and add a whole new level of fun to your classroom.

How do you start creating on Blockerzz?

  1. Access;
  2. Choose either a blank canvas or one of our pre-made options;
  3. Read the quick building instructions and have a blast!

You and your students will be able to save the worlds you create and come back to them whenever you want! Plus, don’t forget that you can also export your students’ creations as a text document, making it easy to assign as homework or share with other classes.

See how easy it is to assign Minecraft-inspired Blockerzz to your class:

The new solo game functionality means that for the first time, students can see their gameplay on the same screen as the one they are completing their quiz on, ensuring a super-engaging and fun experience. We know your students are going to love playing Blockerzz – and be sure to let us know about your classroom’s experience with the latest addition to the Quizalize Games family.

Blockerzz: the Minecraft-inspired, solo game your students have been waiting for is here!

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