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Belgian School Partner with Quizalize for SETT 2023


The SETT fair in Ghent is an interactive experience fair for innovative learning. The organisers asked the Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle school to show how their students and teachers use Google workspace and compatible tools to strengthen the learning outcomes of the students with hybrid learning methods.

Cue Quizalize!

Quizalize sent a box full of goodies (including t-shirts and posters) to Belgium, which were received by Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle. Then off to SETT they went! And as the photos show, the teachers and students had an absolute blast…

Students at SETT
Students at SETT
Students at SETT
Students at SETT

How did Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle use Quizalize at SETT?

The school teachers gave their students 30 minutes to visit the fair and prepare the Quizalize quiz and find the answers to the questions. After the visit Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle used Quizalize to check the answers of their students, using the Quizalize classroom game Kleo the Koala. The teachers linked a curriculum goal to each question (GFL 2e graad – information skills (correctly processing data)). With the Quizalize Mastery Dashboard the teachers got a detailed and clear overview of each student and how far along they are in the learning process. Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle also added two differentiated follow-up activities (link to Youtube video for score < 50 %  and a link to a website for scores between 50 and 80%).

Teacher Francis Vanhecke had this to say after the event:

Quizalize is a very useful (new) tool for our students to take the next steps in their learning process. The students also love the gamified learning aspects of Quizalize. This results in higher student motivation and engagement. The teachers can very accurately monitor the students’ learning process with the grade book and the Mastery Dashboard (linked with curriculum goals!). With the differentiated follow up-activities, teachers can quickly implement differentiation and give extra support to some students

Teacher Francis Vanhecke

Even the press were interested!

How can my school become a Schools and District customer too?

If you are interested in finding out more about being a Quizalize Schools and District customer, we’ve got you! Our Partnerships Director Matt Jordan is ready to share with you all the details, from increased functionalities and perks all the way through to pricing benefits also.

Pick your preferred time on Matt’s calendar here – we can’t wait to get to know you and your school’s needs better!

Chat with Matt

Thank you:

To our friends at Sint-Franciscus Institut Melle for flying the Quizalize flag high at SETT 2023. We appreciate you and your support!

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