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Blockerzz Creative Competition

Blockerzz creative competition

The feedback on our new Blockerzz ‘Creative Mode’ has been amazing. Creative mode allows you and your students to build and share your own worlds, adding a whole new level of fun to your classroom.

To celebrate the launch of Creative Mode, we would like to invite you and your class to create buildings (or even whole worlds) and enter our competition. Students can use the new Creative Mode to build epic castles, ancient pyramids, jungle temples, and many more.

Check out a few examples of what you and your students can build on Blockerzz:

How does it work?

  1. Students can access the creative mode directly ( or it’s unlocked automatically at the end of a quiz game.
  2. They can build whatever they want, a house, maze, or castle; the sky’s the limit!
  3. Ask them to take some screenshots of their creations.
  4. Then, you, as the teacher, send the screenshots to with the email title “Blockerzz Competition”. Feel free to send as many screenshots as you wish!

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But don’t wait; the competition ends on May 3rd, 2023, so make sure to encourage your students to participate as soon as possible. And you can enter your own teacher creations too! Why should students have all the fun?!

We have prizes for you:

For everyone that sends us one or more creations, we will automatically credit a 1-month Quizalize Premium for free! For the most creative ones, we will give the following:

1st place: $100 prize for the teacher, 1-year Quizalize Premium for free, cool stickers, and the creation added to our “Featured Worlds” so that any student around the world can play them.

2nd place: 1-year Quizalize Premium for free, cool stickers, and the creation added to our “Featured Worlds”.

3rd to 10th place: 3-month Quizalize Premium for free, and the creation added to our “Featured Worlds”.

The winners will be announced before the end of May/2023 via email.

Did you know?

Blockerzz worlds are persistent, so students can build upon their creations each time they play, becoming more invested in their world and more motivated to take quizzes. Building in Blockerzz is not only a fun and interactive way to engage students, but it also promotes creativity.

If you have any questions, please, send an email to 🙂

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