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Teacher Appreciation: Renee Dawson (Georgia, USA)

Quizalize Ambassador - Teacher Renee Dawson

This month’s Teacher Appreciation goes to Renee Dawson, an Educational Technology Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Renee coaches the Student Technology Team, Minecraft Student Ambassadors, and esports on her campus. She also teaches an intervention segment in the morning for sixth-grade struggling learners. Renee uses Quizalize to check student comprehension at the end of each class as well as with her private tutoring clients. She is our first Quizalize and Blockerzz Ambassador, spreading the word about our Minecraft-inspired game to other teachers in Georgia, USA.

The Quizalize team asked teacher Renee how she uses Quizalize in her classroom and why her students love engaging in the platform. Her answers blew us away, and we are delighted to share her thoughts with you!

Why do I enjoy using Quizalize?

I enjoy using Quizalize for a few reasons. First, as a Minecraft for Education school, my students are drawn towards Blockerzz and really enjoy playing and building in the game. I like the ChatGPT integration that makes creating quizzes quick and easy. But above all, I love the remediation features available at the end of the quizzes. I think it’s so helpful to set up remediation work or videos based on the student’s score to really make the game an all-around learning experience.

Teacher Renee loves to spread the word about Quizalize and also how teachers can improve their teaching. Follow her on Twitter.

Quizalize Ambassador - Teacher Renee Dawson Twitter

Do my students enjoy playing Quizalize?

YES! They ask for it daily. They really enjoy the interaction in the game and then, of course, having time to create their own worlds in Blockerzz to play in. My students even take the remediation activities seriously so that they can improve on their next go at the quiz.

Check out this pretty cool creation, for Blockerzz, from one of her students:

Quizalize Ambassador - Teacher Renee Dawson - Blockerzz

What results have I seen?

My students are scoring higher on classroom assessments and are more confident in their classes after they leave my intervention class. They also are happier and enjoy class more when there is a game to play at the end. Some of them have better social skills after playing in each other’s worlds and sharing feedback with their classmates.

Do you also want to improve your teaching like teacher Renee did?

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And if you are a teacher anywhere in the world who loves Quizalize and wants to help grow your local teacher community, please do get in touch! Send an email to We would love to tell your story, too, and show our appreciation for all of your hard work

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