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[Webinar] Demystifying ChatGPT in the classroom with teacher Richard Perry

ChatGPT Webinar with teacher Richard Perry

Get ready to be inspired by Richard Perry (NY teacher with AI expertise) and Charles Wiles (Quizalize CEO) in this super-friendly webinar. Discover ChatGPT’s transformative impact, get useful tips, and explore implementation considerations.

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Essential takeaways from the webinar ChatGPT for teachers and students:

  • What’s ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT to save your time
  • How students can use ChatGPT in a positive way
  • Addressing concerns when using AI tools in the classroom
  • How to create quizzes in seconds using ChatGPT & Quizalize

Are you ready to create quizzes in seconds with ChatGPT and Quizalize?

Try it now for free; you will love it.

Create a ChatGPT quiz

We want to express our sincere appreciation once again to the wonderful teacher, Richard Perry, for generously sharing his time and insightful perspectives. Be sure to connect with Richard Perry on Twitter to stay updated and continue learning from his valuable experiences.

We genuinely value your input and would love to hear your thoughts. Share your own experiences and how you have integrated AI into your classroom – your feedback is incredibly valuable as we all strive to improve and grow together. Let’s keep the conversation going and explore the possibilities of AI in education!

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