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How to join the Teacher Saving Club – Vouchers, Discounts, and more!

Quizalize Teacher Saving Club

At Quizalize, our mission is to help teachers make a difference to each and every student. We continue to expand and grow our teacher community every day, but we started to think, what if we could do more? What if we could reach more people? What if we could help people discover other EdTech companies as well as our own? What if we could easily improve teaching skills and engagement in the classroom? 

We have always been fond of the way that Apple works with its Apple student discount and Apple teacher discount. Therefore, we wanted to find a way to benefit you by following the steps of education discount Apple. 

We are keen advocates for supporting other EdTech products and championing their work, and so we had an idea to target teacher discount for the benefit of teachers around the world!

Introducing the ‘Teacher Saving Club’

Vouchers, Discounts, Gift Cards, Codes and more!

We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with multiple incredible companies we trust and value to bring you some great teacher discounts. From now on, any person who signs up for a Quizalize Premium Membership will be gifted with a voucher code for each of these companies’ products. The codes range between 10-25% off. They are one-time codes you simply need to apply when you check out. 

No strings attached! It’s really that easy and accessible! You really don’t want to miss out on purchasing these amazing products to aid your teaching in the classroom at such an amazing discounted price. Those who already have a Premium Membership with us, never fear! Of course, we will send you these codes too!

So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Grammarflip, Wakelet, Brainscape, Duckietown and many other EdTech companies coming soon. Keep reading for more details about each product.

Become a Quizalize Premium member now and gain access to all our discount codes!

Not sure about Quizalize Premium? All you need to know is here.

GrammarFlip – 20% OFF

What is Grammarflip? 

GrammarFlip is a comprehensive grammar and writing program for upper-elementary school, middle school, and high school teachers that can be used with their students in a traditional classroom, in a blended learning environment, or in a flipped classroom setting. A recent data study confirms that approximately 80% of students using GrammarFlip show an average improvement rate of 183% from their baseline pre-test scores to their final post-evaluation assessments.  There’s definitely something to be said for learning at one’s own pace with instructional videos and receiving instant feedback through practice exercises and writing activities.

Why do Quizalize love Grammarflip?

Anthony Risko, Founder of GrammarFlip, is a teacher himself, and his classroom experience has provided him with the first-hand knowledge of how to individualize instruction and how to tailor assessments to meet the needs of each student.  He believes in a rigorous grammar and writing program that is effective in its delivery, efficient for teachers, and engaging for students.  Like us, Anthony cares about each teacher and each student, and we love that! 

Learn more about GrammarFlip here!

Wakelet – 20% OFF

What is Wakelet? 

Wakelet is the teachers’ bookmark manager! The platform allows you to organize your bookmarks and content into visual collections to share with your learning community! Teachers can structure learning materials into a Lesson Plan within a collection and share it with students, but it doesn’t end there! Wakelet is totally secure for students to use. Import your students so they can have their own Wakelet accounts. Students can then create digital portfolios, exit tickets, and homework assignments. 

Why do Quizalize love Wakelet?

We love that Wakelet wants to unlock the potential of every student. It aligns with our values of making a difference to each and every student, and it also makes the life of teachers so much easier, which is what we strive for! Wakelet enables teachers to easily create and share activities that boost future-ready skills as well as empower students to get creative, collaborate, and become leading digital citizens.

Learn more about Wakelet here!

Brainscape – 25% OFF

What is Brainscape? 

Brainscape is a web and mobile “adaptive flashcards” platform that helps students learn twice as fast and remember information for longer.

Their Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) algorithm super-charges learning by repeating flashcards in precisely the right pattern of repetition for each student, based on intelligent personalization and decades of cognitive science research. Research has shown that Brainscape’s spaced repetition algorithm improves both knowledge retention and test scores when compared to other study methods, like books and traditional flashcards.

Why do Quizalize love Brainscape? 

We love Brainscape because it is scientifically proven to make a difference to a student’s knowledge retention and test scores. What an amazing product to use in and out of the classroom, providing your students with guaranteed results. It is also such a great time saver, and if we can find a way of saving time for teachers, we will! 

Learn more about Brainscape here!

Duckietown – 15% OFF

What is Duckietown? 

The Duckietown mission is to make the world excited about the beauty, the fun, the importance, and the challenges of robotics and AI, through learning experiences that are tangible, accessible, and inclusive.

They achieve this mission by designing robotics platforms and curricula for all levels of education and promoting their use worldwide. They are shaping the next generations of robot autonomy, and you need to get involved! 

Why do Quizalize love Duckietown?

At Quizalize, we are excited by AI, embracing it with open arms. Duckietown is designed to teach, learn, and do research: from exploring the fundamentals of computer science and automation to pushing the boundaries of knowledge using AI and robotics.  We find this absolutely fascinating, and we truly believe that teaching students about the power of AI and robotics is an important factor in modern-day education. Embrace the technology and broaden your students’ learning with this amazing product. 

Learn more about Duckietown here!

Goosechase – 10% OFF

What is Goosechase? 

The Goosechase goal is to make the world more fun, playful, and human by helping you create delightful interactive experiences for your communities. Goosechase is more than a scavenger hunt app for teachers. Reimagine lessons, make high-impact learning a breeze, and boost collaboration with student engagement strategies that actually work.

Why do Quizalize love Goosechase?

We love Goosechase because they give every student and teacher new, creative, and collaborative experiences that make learning more fun and effective than traditional methods. As well as this, Goosechase can be used with fellow teachers for professional development and team building and we think this is so great. Goosechase are leading the way with their innovative approach to teaching and we love their forward thinking and exciting product.

Learn more about Goosechase here!

A step-by-step guide to buying your Premium Membership

  • Go to
  • At the top of the webpage, select ‘Plans’ and then ‘Choose a paid or free Teacher plan’
  • On the plans page select ‘Upgrade Now’ on Quizalize Premium 
  • Login if you have an existing account or sign up if you are new to Quizalize 
  • Insert your payment details and click subscribe 
  • Congratulations! You are a Quizalize Premium Member with access to all our voucher codes! 


How does Quizalize Premium work?

To upgrade from your free membership to Quizalize Premium, simply select the package that suits you best. Choose between monthly or yearly payment options, enter your payment details, and you’ll gain access to time-saving features that enhance classroom engagement. With the flexibility to cancel anytime online, hassle-free, Quizalize Premium puts you in control of your subscription.

How does Quizalize handle my payment information?

At Quizalize, we prioritize the security of your payment information. We do not store any payment details ourselves. The entire payment process is conducted through, recognized as one of the most secure payment services worldwide. Rest assured, your payment information is handled with utmost care and security.

How much money will I save? 

By paying for a Quizalize Premium Membership, you will receive multiple vouchers ranging from 15-25% discount for Grammarflip, Wakelet, Brainscape, and Duckietown. More companies and bigger discounts coming soon.

Can I join the club and get benefits if I’m not a teacher?

Sure, we have thousands of educators, staff, and other roles related to education that can become a Quizalize Premium member and enjoy the benefits of the Teacher Saving Club.

Terms and Conditions

We recommend that you read these terms and conditions before purchasing the Teacher Saving Club deal

  • We are partnered with and trust these companies but please read all their terms and conditions before purchasing their online services.
  • Quizalize cannot be held responsible for any issues with our partnered products.
  • Each voucher is a one time discount. 
  • The vouchers cannot be shared and are exclusive to you.
  • Our partners can terminate their discount with us at any time. We will do our best to keep the list of partners updated and if you are ever unsure you can always revisit this blog post which will be kept up to date. 

We are thrilled to be bringing these partnerships to you and we hope you enjoy the perks! 

Want us to get discount for an EdTech that is not here? Send us an email at and we will contact them. You can also comment the name of the company below.

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