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New Year, New Resolutions: 6 Epic Ways to Inspire Your Students’ Goals!

2024 is just around the corner, and with a new year comes new resolutions!! It’s a time for fresh starts and exciting possibilities, especially for students! But sometimes, setting resolutions can feel overwhelming and time consuming. This year, Quizalize are on a mission to make resolutions fun, interactive, and something your students will actually remember (and maybe even stick to!). Keep reading for these must do activities!

1.) Download our FREE Resolutions Templates

Ready to set some awesome resolutions with your students? The Quizalize team have created some super cool templates just for you! Download them for FREE here. These are the perfect starter to help you and your students set goals, track progress, and celebrate achievements! Just click the link below and get ready to rock your new years resolutions!

Keep reading for 5 more fun ideas to make goal-setting a blast for you and your students in the classroom:

2.) Time Capsule Dreams

Grab a shoebox and decorate it as a time capsule. Have your student write down their biggest dreams and goals for the year. Add a picture of them now with a fun fact and their resolutions, and then seal it tight! Bury it (or hide it in a safe place) and open it at the end of the year to see how much they’ve grown and what they’ve achieved.

3.) Resolution Bingo

Create a bingo board with squares filled with different resolutions. These could be ‘help a classmate in need’ or ‘answer more questions in class’. Every time a student achieves a goal on their bingo card, they mark a square! Once they hit bingo, it’s time to celebrate! Maybe they could even win a prize!

4.) Gratitude Jar

Shift the focus! Instead of just resolutions, encourage students to write down things they’re already grateful for each day. This positive practice fuels happiness and helps them achieve their goals from a place of joy.

5.) Vision Board

Get creative with magazines, pictures, and quotes! Encourage your students to cut out the images and words that inspire them. Students should stick these on a board to create a visual reminder of their aspirations, achievements and successes.

6.) Resolution Scavenger Hunt

Create a Quizalize quiz with questions related to students resolutions. (e.g., ‘What three healthy habits did Jacob say he wants to make?’. Hide clues around the classroom, students must search the classroom to find the correct answer. The first to finish the quiz and “find” all of resolutions wins a prize! 

Say goodbye to boring resolution trends and rock the classroom with these fun ideas from Quizalize! Remember, setting goals with your students is a journey, not a race. Make it fun, creative, and supportive, and you’ll all be amazed at what you can achieve! Don’t forget to download our templates here!

P.S. Share your own fun resolution ideas in the comments below! Let’s inspire each other to make goal-setting a blast!

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