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Quizalize essential tools for ELL teaching!

Hey Quizalizers! Today we are so excited to share our newest ELL quiz types with you! The feedback so far has been amazing and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

Introducing Vocabulary Quizzes, Reading Comprehension Quizzes and Fill-in-the-Blank Quizzes. These can be created in seconds using our AI tool saving you so much time, providing you with unique and engaging quizzes and giving you complete control and spontaneity in your classroom. What more could you want?!

Check out our newest quiz types below! The best AI powered addition to ELL teaching! 

Vocabulary Quizzes for ELL Teaching

The first new quiz type at Quizalize is Vocabulary Quizzes. With these you can test ELL students’ vocab knowledge by entering any topic or vocabulary list. Then our AI generator will create questions for you to choose from. Once you’re you’re happy, assign the quiz to your class and voila! 

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When creating the quiz you can choose any topic you like (even Maths!), as well as being able to choose two different languages. For example, you can ask the questions in the students native, but they must answer in another language. This is great for ELL students who all share the same native language. 

Reading Comprehension Quizzes for ELL Teaching

The second exciting quiz type is Reading Comprehension Quizzes. These allow you to test students’ ability to take information from a text, assessing their understanding of the language the text has been written in. 

You are free to enter any topic or vocabulary list and you can also select the style of passage (story, conversation, article, custom). The Quizalize AI tool will generate a passage of text in your language of choice, which you have the chance to check and edit before generating the questions. You have the option to ask the questions in the same language as the text or in a different language. As well as this, our AI tool will generate hints and explanations which can assist the student throughout the quiz.

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The passage is available to the students throughout the whole quiz so they can check back whenever they need to. This is excellent for both ELL students who share the same language (you could do the passage in their native language and questions in English) and ELL students with different backgrounds and native languages (you could create the passage and questions in English). 

Fill-in-the-Blank Quizzes for ELL Teaching

The final quiz type to complete the magic trio is Fill-in-the-Blank Quizzes. These are great for testing student’s understanding of sentence structures in another language to their own. Following the same formula, you can enter any topic or vocabulary list, there are no limitations. The Quizalize AI tool will then generate your questions and you are free to edit and re-generate these if necessary. In this instance, you only select one language (English or other).

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This is perfect for any ELL student no matter their native language or background.

Try them in your ELL classroom today! 

We hope you are as excited about these ELL features as we are! As with all our quiz types, you can input these quizzes into any of our epic classroom games, assign them as homework and get all the data you need! 

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a go now! 

Want to give us some feedback or share your experience on socials? Join our global community of Quizalize teachers and post about us today. 

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