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Boost UK test scores with Quizalize AI and the Oak National Academy

Quizalize has been shown to improve end of year test and exam scores by 8%-10% across all ability levels and so we hope this blog post and special offer, helps even more schools effortlessly boost SAT, GCSE and A Level scores whilst bringing fun and engagement into the classroom at what can be a stressful time for all.

Why use Quizalize for test prep?

Quizalize is one of the world’s leading gamified formative assessment tools, trusted by over 4 million teachers and students globally. It has proven massively popular in the UK this year for two key reasons …

First, our AI powered quiz creator now makes it super easy for teachers to create their perfect quiz in seconds. Enter a topic or a vocabulary list and get an instant question bank. Upload a PDF and automatically turn a past paper into a multiple choice quiz. Paste in some long text and create a reading comprehension quiz instantly. Enter a YouTube URL and get a quiz for that video in seconds too.  You can even print out the quizzes or export them to other quiz applications!

Second, teachers can use Oak National Academy’s 10,000 quizzes within Quizalize! This means you can now use Oak’s comprehensive collection of curriculum aligned quizzes to instantly pinpoint each of your student’s learning gaps and then effortlessly personalise the help you give to each student. Quizalize is currently the world’s only assessment application to include all these quizzes! It’s free and easy to try so why not give it a whirl now?

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Boost SAT scores

The Oak National Academy has plenty of KS1 and KS2 content and this has all been implemented into Quizalize. Whether your Year 2 students are doing their Reading and Maths SATs or your Year 6 students are doing their Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Maths SATs, you can now use Quizalize to help with your test prep.

Some particularly useful units are linked below:

The reason why having the Oak content on Quizalize is so beneficial, is because you are getting the UK curriculum in a quiz format, which provides instant data and reports. This means that you can easily track your students learning loss and address it before the SATs are taken. You can monitor your students progress, giving a completely personalised approach in preparation for their tests.

As well as the Oak content, the Quizalize AI generator is also perfect for creating unique quizzes in seconds. For example, you can create a personalised Reading Comprehension Quiz to engage even your most difficult students, helping them develop their skills and prepare effortlessly for their SATs.

Boost GCSE and A-Level Scores

You will find plenty of GCSE content from the Oak National Academy on Quizalize. A-Level content can be created through our AI quiz generator, or you can even upload a pdf of a past paper, which will be digested and made into a Quizalize quiz in seconds.

Some particularly useful GCSE units from Oak are linked below

Keep your eyes peeled for further subjects coming in the near future!

Special offer for UK schools

We are currently running an amazing deal this month in the lead-up to the testing season where your school can purchase Quizalize Premium for every teacher in the school until the end of the year for a fraction of the usual price. This special deal is just £300 for Primary Schools and £500 for Secondary Schools (usual price £47.88 per teacher).

 If your school activates this offer, we will also give YOU Quizalize Premium for life.

This is a HUGE discount and is a special offer to benefit both teachers and students in the UK during the lead up to the testing and exam season. Pass this on to your school and let’s get the ball rolling!

Contact us now, before it’s too late! And as always, Happy Quizalize-ing!

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