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Bring the excitement of real-time gaming to your classroom

Today we’ve launched a brand new feature on Quizalize – the Team Game feature. The Team Game view can be shown on your interactive whiteboard, so students can see their progress in real time and your quiz becomes an exciting multi-player game.


At Zzish we believe that educational applications should be both effectiveand engaging teaching tools. The Team Game view has been carefully designed in collaboration with leading educators to ensure that students of all abilities find it fun and motivating.

As students play a quiz, their progress is shown by their name moving closer to the finish line in the centre of the screen. It doesn’t matter if they get the answer wrong or right – each time a student answers a question their name will move one step closer to the finish line. In this way, all students can experience progress simply by taking part.

But each time they answer correctly they will score more points for their team, which are added in real-time to the total score at the top of the screen.  Students of all abilities feel they are contributing. The more able students tend to finish first and are naturally incentivised to help the less able students do better. Students love it – it’s great fun and it’s a collaborative learning experience too.

What’s more, the Team Game view works seamlessly with our new Strengths and Weaknesses view.  At the bottom of the Team Game screen you will see an anonymous summary showing how many students are doing well and how many need help. Just click on this summary to switch to the Strengths and Weaknesses view and see who needs your help and what they need help with.

Quizalize turns dull pen-and-paper assessments into engaging classroom games that students look forward to playing. We consistently find that when students know they will be playing a team quiz game in class, they are much more motivated to study and practice at home.

Moreover, Quizalize automatically marks the assessment and gives you a rich insight into both class and student strengths and weaknesses. This helps you tailor your teaching to the specific needs of the class and individual students. You get these insights in real-time and can even give one-on-one help to students in class whilst they are still doing the assessment. Giving immediate feedback is much more effective than waiting till next lesson, and it means you’ve got a lot less marking to do in the evenings!

You can create a quiz in Quizalize in less than four minutes. It’s free, runs in the browser on smartphones, tablets or computers (so there is nothing to install) and it’s super easy to get started with no set up required. Just sign up, create a quiz and play with your class.

And as we like to say at Quizalize, if a child can’t learn the way we teach, let’s teach the way they learn!

Click here to go to Quizalize!


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