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Super fast quiz creation

There are lots of great features in Quizalize.  The quiz creator tool is super fast and lets you create quizzes faster than you can using other applications. In our own tests creating an identical ten-question multiple choice history quiz, it took us three minutes and twenty seconds to create the quiz using Quizalize, four minutes flat using Kahoot and four minutes and thirty seconds using Socrative.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.32.13

One particularly nice feature in Quizalize is that instead of creating a multiple-choice answer, you can simply enter just the correct answer for a question.  In this case students get to answer the question by rearranging some scrambled tiles spelling out the answer.   This format makes it even quicker to create quizzes and adds more question variety to students playing the quiz.  It’s also a more natural way to test vocabulary memorisation for foreign languages and testing english word spellings too.


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