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Understanding Student Strengths and weaknesses

One of our missions at Quizalize (powered by Zzish) is to make it really easy for teachers to understand student strengths and weaknesses in real-time. This means you, the teacher, can deliver personalised and differentiated teaching instantly in the classroom. Isn’t that what teaching is all about?

We’ve just finished implementing our 3rd generation teacher dashboards and we’re truly excited about what they can deliver. You can use them now with our own Quizalize games, but we’ll shortly be moving them to the Zzish Learning Hub, our universal teacher dashboard, so you can use them with any application that plugs in.

The first feature in our new teacher dashboards is the simple “Who needs help?” section.  As students play Quizalize quizzes on smartphones, tablets or computers, we measure their performance in real time and highlight those students in the class that are struggling.  You can also set quizzes for homework and then see this information when you next log in.


In the screenshot above, for a class with five students taking a maths quiz, Vini is highlighted as struggling, so we click on Vini to see just where she needs help.


This then highlights the questions she was getting wrong and gives you the insight that you need to give immediate one-on-one help in the classroom. In this case, Vini is struggling with some areas of maths.  We can also see further down the screen her strengths and the questions she got right:


If we return to the main class overview, you can also look at the class wide responses to each question. We show the hardest questions (the questions that students got wrong the most) at the top of the list.  In this case there were seven questions that only two out of five students got correct:


You can click on any question to see how each of the students answered:


You can show this breakdown on the electronic whiteboard and use it as a talking point in class, or use it to identify a small group of students that need extra help.

Quizalize also has a powerful feature allowing you to group questions together into subtopics. This allows you to see a class level report on which subtopics were the hardest:


In the screenshot above, four out of five students got one or both of the questions on “Multi-step +, -, x and / problems” wrong.  A similar result is shown for “Order of operations calculations”.  The red area shows that for both subtopics two students got both of the questions wrong.  You can click on a subtopic to drill down and see more information:


In this case, Claudia and Blai got both questions wrong for “Order of operations calculations” and Vini and Francesco got one question wrong each.

We’ve designed our new teacher dashboards to be super-easy to use and incredibly useful at helping you understand strengths and weaknesses at both the class level and the student level.

What’s more, with Quizalize you can create your own custom quizzes in four minutes, assign it to your class as a fun and engaging class game for 10 minutes and then use this to inform your teaching for the rest of the session!

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