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Welcome to the Quizalize Marketplace!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Quizalize Marketplace, the world’s first teacher marketplace for interactive classroom quiz content!

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You can think of the Quizalize Marketplace as the ”TES Resources or Teachers pay Teachers for classroom quizzes”. As a teacher you can already use Quizalize for free to create your own quizzes, use them in class and share them with your colleagues. The Quizalize Marketplace means you can now also share them in publicly for other teachers to use too, and, if you want, you can put a price on them and make money from your hard work.

We really encourage teachers to put a price on their quizzes. Creating really high quality assessments for use in the classroom takes time and effort and we think that teachers who are willing to take this time should be rewarded for their hard work. You can see how well this works with Teachers pay Teachers incentivising teachers to create some of the most fantastic teaching content on the planet. As a result, quite a number of teachers have become millionaires and deservedly so.

One of the key benefits of Quizalize as a classroom tool for formative assessment is that you can deliver different quizzes to students of different levels of ability. For example, our own KS2 Maths diagnostic quizzes come in four levels of difficultly. We recommend creating quizzes of different difficulty levels as this enables differentiated teaching within the classroom and helps you and other teachers personalise lessons to individual students.

You can also organise your quizzes into Apps. Apps are essentially collections of quizzes that share some theme. They might contain a set of assessments that cover a whole part of a curriculum or course, for example. Be creative!

You can publish your app for free or put a price on it. If you put a price on it you can enable teachers to buy your collection of quizzes at a discount to buying each quiz separately. Below is a screenshot of the free KS3 Physics app:


The Quizalize Marketplace is brand new and just getting started. There’s a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurial and innovative teachers to be part of something new and special and grow as Quizalize grows. It’s a new opportunity and we hope we’ll make a few new teacher millionaires too!

Check out the Quizalize Marketplace

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