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Most Popular Back to School Quizzes

Can you believe that Quizalize users from around the world have created over 680,000 pieces of original educational content within Quizalize? These are all available within the Quizalize marketplace, where you can search for quizzes, as well as differentiation activities including YouTube videos, PDF resources, web links and more.

We love seeing the original content that teachers create on our platform, and so we’ve collected some of the most used quizzes in this blog so that you can try them for yourself.

Here are the most popular quizzes used by teachers all over the world.

Brain Teasers Quiz

This short quiz does double duty as an introduction to different Quizalize question types and a refresher to taking quizzes online for your students.

Atomic Structure Quiz

Atomic structure? We’ve got you covered! This quiz is tagged to the standards for the state of Texas, but you can make a copy and tag the questions to your standards to populate your very own mastery dashboards. Find out how here.

The Main Idea

Quizzes covering language arts abound on Quizalize. This quiz investigates the main idea within short snippets of text.

Digits and Decimals

Math and science teachers can use our brand new equation editor to author all kinds of equations and formulas on Quizalize. This quiz shows the simplest example of what’s possible, but check out our new math rich editor to find out what’s possible. View math rich editor here 

Use convention of capitalization

Learning and reinforcing the rules of grammar sets the firmest foundation for language with lessons that students can leverage for the rest of their lives.

Colonial Influences

History is all around us, influencing all aspects of culture from government and politics all the way through to the foods we eat and how we decorate our homes. This quiz is tagged to the standards for the state of Florida but covers topics relevant to the tradition of colonial influence on government.

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