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Home School or Back to School: Using Quizzes as a Home School Tool

Since Covid-19 struck, many parents around the world have adopted the role of Teacher to their children, turning living rooms into homeschools and kitchens into science laboratories.

It is estimated that in the United States of America alone there has been a 44% increase in the number of parents who have adopted the homeschool education method: five million American parents now homeschool their children full time.

Removed from school premises specifically designed to provide a rich and all-encompassing educational environment for children, parents are now choosing to design their own curriculums, collect their own materials and deliver classes to their children in the safety of their homes. 

The cost of running a homeschool for your child can reach $1,800 per child, per annum according to Time4Learning. One-off costs such as computers are matched with a revolving door of yearly costs such as textbooks, along with supplementary costs such as increased household bills.

With relatively high costs associated with running a homeschool, parents are looking for low-cost, high-quality resources that can aid them in educating their children and ensuring they reach the high academic standards they desire.

Quizalize has over one million educational activities, games, and tests available immediately on sign-up. And best of all, it is FREE to use! Quizalize is a financially sustainable and effective solution for homeschool parents who want to deliver the best education to their children.

Used by over half a million teachers globally, Quizalize is a proven education solution for parents and teachers alike. Affordable and agile, the Quizalize platform can grow with your child and yourself, ensuring academic milestones are met while simultaneously providing a fun and engaging mode of learning for your children.

You can get started with Quizalize for free and enjoy our resources immediately: click here to create your first quiz.

We would love to hear about your quiz-creations! Comment below and let us know, what was your first quiz?

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