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Differentiated Learning in 3 Simple Steps

Differentiated learning means, in simple terms, tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs of all your students.

By customizing your methods, mediums and processes for each learner, differentiated learning ensures all students can reach their full potential.

Customizing every class for every student might sound a little far-fetched. Limited resources and time are each significant obstacles faced by Teachers, who recognize the benefits of differentiated learning but are concerned about the practical application of the method.

Quizalize is a platform that makes it quick and easy to implement differentiated learning in your classroom.

The Quizalize differentiated learning process follows three key steps:

  1. Assign quiz and follow-up resources. 

Access to the Quizalize platform allows teachers to create their own curriculum-based quizzes specific to the topics they are teaching. They can also create custom pathways of additional resources, following different routes for different students.

  1. Students complete the quiz. 

The quiz presents a set of formative assessment results for the teacher. Quizalize will then, based on the teacher’s quiz set-up, serve each student a follow-on activity based on their quiz score. For example, students that achieved less than 50% may be sent a video to watch to help refresh the topic, while those that achieved 80%+ could be sent an extension PDF reading activity.

  1. Track students’ results and improvements data.

Quizalize’s Mastery Dashboards give teachers a complete birds-eye view of student progress. Teachers can see which questions students got wrong, what topics the class needs extra support with, and monitor progress at a class and individual level.

Teachers can utilise differentiated learning techniques to ensure that all students reach their highest potential.

Here are some of our favorite differentiated learning activities for the classroom:

  1. Using mixed mediums to help students progress. From incorporating YouTube videos for visual learners to audio clips for auditory learners, the Quizalize platform is equipped to deliver learning materials in the most effective medium for every student.
  1. Flexible-pace learning. Custom time limits can be set for a quiz, specific to each student and their needs. Advanced learners can be encouraged to stretch their recall with a shorter time limit on a quiz, whereas struggling students can be given more time so they have the opportunity to excel.
  1. Variable outcome tasks remove the binary ‘right or wrong’ answer set, allowing weaker students to still progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. Advanced learners are able to progress on different pathways, removing the sense of failure or success amongst the student’s peers.

Quizalize is designed to facilitate differentiated learning and is FREE to use. Our Handy Guide is a great go-to resource if you want to read more about differentiated learning on the Quizalize platform and see firsthand how our Mastery Data can help YOU differentiate in your classroom.

Ready to try differentiated learning with Quizalize for yourself? Create your first quiz now, or go to your Library to view pre-made quizzes ready for your customization. 

Whether you are a seasoned differentiator or new to differentiated learning, we want to hear from you: what technique are you most excited to try in your classroom? We can’t wait to hear your preferences!

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