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My Quizalize. Powered by Zzish.

Who are Zzish and what is My Quizalize?

Zzish is the award-winning company behind Quizalize and Zzish Insights, now leveraging its experience in edtech design and unlocking learning data to power My Quizalize.

My Quizalize is our white-label, Duolingo-like experience for self-paced, independent learning. It combines a modern gamified user experience with data science to help learners gain knowledge quickly and then retain that knowledge over time. Our goal is to enable any partner—big or small—to rapidly launch a state-of-the-art app for internal use or for sale to customers. Use cases range from delivering high school learning apps for the K-12 market to specialist internal training apps for corporate clients.

Read on to find out more about two examples of how clients are using My Quizalize today.

Oxford Revise

Oxford Revise is a well-established GCSE-revision brand from Oxford University Press (OUP). With an existing suite of online and offline resources, OUP contacted Quizalize to branch into the mobile learning space with the debut launch of My Quizalize. Built on Quizalize’s powerful data-collecting quiz infrastructure overlaid with a new learner-centered user interface (UI), Oxford Revise puts learners in the driver’s seat, informing their revision with the optimal time to refresh their memory. The data-driven algorithms underpinning My Quizalize combine learners’ scores with best practices in spaced repetition and visually recommend to students when to revise a unit to best push recall into long-term memory. Learners and their parents purchase individual revision courses directly through the application, and organizations can purchase licenses for groups of learners directly through OUP or through Zzish. Oxford Revise is available through all modern web browsers and through Google Play for Android devices with an iOS version for the App Store on the horizon. 

JSAT Student Prep

The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools (CoJDS), a long-time Quizalize partner, also leverages the powerful My Quizalize platform to deliver student-focused test prep for the Judaic Studies Assessment Test, scores on which are a key criterion for entry to Orthodox Jewish secondary schools in the United States. In addition to feeding back recommendations for retakes to learners, My Quizalize aggregates performance data across learners on the platform, unlocking benchmark and improvements data for the publisher and the learners’ schools so those organizations can create a more holistic picture of their learners’ aptitude across tested skills. Fitting with Quizalize’s mission to allow educators everywhere to personalize their teaching for every learner, My Quizalize unlocks powerful insights about self-led student populations.

What about adult learning?

Because our mission is to give teachers everywhere the superpowers to personalize their teaching, Quizalize is adaptable for all kinds of educators and learners. For example, many corporate clients use our off-the-shelf solution for low-stakes formative assessments with adult learners moving through professional development programs. These clients use Quizalize in conjunction with or sometimes instead of a traditional learning management system (LMS), giving their instructors the ability to immediately identify and address knowledge gaps through Quizalize’s live data dashboards. One client has developed a formal standards mastery framework to visualize their internal learning outcomes across Quizalize’s mastery dashboards, which adds another level of insight into their new hires’ progression through onboarding. Whether unlocking instant data or aggregating individual results across formal standards, Quizalize has a place in professional development. Could it be next for your organization?

Schedule a meeting to find out more about how Quizalize can take your organization’s learning experience to the next level. You can also try Quizalize for free today.

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