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Teachers use classroom basketball game to improve student engagement

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In a recent survey, we asked our teachers to share their thoughts and experience of Quizalize and Zzish to help us gain an insight into how our apps ARE INCREASING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT in the classroom. 310 teachers responded and what amazing results we have had!

Survey Results

Overall, 77% found our Zzish teacher dashboards helpful when trying to understand the progress of their students while 68% of teachers found that using our dashboards reduced the time it previously took to make, issue and mark formative assessments. With extra time on their hands, teachers found that they were able to get back their free time outside of the classroom to re-energise as well as reorganise classroom time to ensure that all their students were receiving a quality learning experience. Out of those surveyed, 78% found that using Quizalize has increased student interaction in the classroom, with many teachers telling us how much their students love our basketball game-view of Quizalize, HOOPS. In fact, nearly 50% of all teachers found that their students preferred to use Quizalize than any other formative assessment tool, with one teacher stating that on a night before a test, students are already emailing her to remind her to use Quizalize as a pre-assessment tool!

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Texas school improves DCA science tests by 8-10% using Quizalize

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Three 6th grade science teachers from a school in the Round Rock Independent School District, Texas, have been using the free Quizalize and Zzish formative assessment tools in their school for the last six months to help prepare students for the District Common Assessments (DCA). The results are quite outstanding. Students this year score, on average, 8-10% more in their assessments compared to results last year.

The teachers attributed this improvement solely to the use of Quizalize and Zzish in class and for homework. There were several other perceived side benefits too. Aside from improved mastery of subjects, students seemed more willing to communicate with teachers and displayed more confidence when completing assessments; teachers were able to use the data to deploy more bespoke exercises to individual students depending on ability – thus saving hours of time on marking admin and lesson preparation each week. And, with greater student engagement and improved results achieved, the teachers in question said that they were really starting to enjoy teaching again.

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