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Quizalize for School offers free VR Headsets

Free VR headsets with Quizalize

Meta Quest 2 VR headset

Virtual Reality is coming to Quizalize!

To celebrate the launch of the virtual reality version of our popular Blockerzz classroom quiz games, we’re giving away free Meta Quest 2 VR headsets (worth $300) to schools that purchase new Quizalize subscriptions before 30 September*

This will allow teachers and students to experience Blockerzz in virtual reality! It’s a fantastic way to engage and motivate students and have a real impact on learning outcomes. It’s also a great way to introduce the educational benefits of bringing virtual reality into the classroom.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new Quizalize subscription for your school before September 30 and getting your free Meta Quest 2 VR headset, register your interest below, and we will contact you.

*Subscriptions must be for a minimum of 200 students and are subject to a minimum deal size.

🚀 If you are not in charge of acquiring tech tools for your school, send this page to your school’s tech leader.

Searching for a budget-friendly solution? Great news!

U.S. schools can use ESSER funds to purchase Quizalize

If you are a school in the US, you can purchase a Quizalize for School subscription with ESSER funds. ESSER II funds need to be allocated by 30 September 2023 or lost, and many schools still have funds available to allocate. Check with your finance team now to see if your school has available funds

Quizalize is particularly effective at helping to address learning loss as a result of the pandemic. It was specifically designed to help teachers spot learning gaps in the classroom and then personalize the help they give each student. Independent data shows that students in classrooms that use Quizalize can achieve 8-10% better marks in end-of-year state standardized assessments and that Quizalize helps close the attainment gap, disproportionately helping underrepresented student groups.

This makes Quizalize a perfect fit for ESSER funds and especially the 20% of funds set aside to address learning loss in ESSER III.

Still not sure how to use the ESSER Funds to purchase Quizalize for your school and get a free VR headset? Talk to us now.

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