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Benchmark your new students with the Texas 2022 STAAR released tests

STAAR Texas Quizzes

The STAAR released tests from previous years are a great resource for benchmarking your new student intake for Middle School or High School. We have made it super easy for you to use them by digitizing the 2022 Grade 5 (end of Elementary) and Grade 8 (end of Middle School) tests for Mathematics, Reading, and Science.

Even better, we have tagged each question to the appropriate TEKS standard so that you can instantly see each student’s level of mastery and their learning gaps in our Mastery Dashboards! The ability to instantly see learning gaps is super helpful for personalizing your teaching to each student and a particularly helpful tool in addressing COVID learning loss.

Assign the tests in seconds

Quizalize STAAR Benchmark Quizzes

It’s incredibly easy to assign the STAAR review quizzes to your students to take either in class or for homework. You can assign it as a straightforward classic quiz or turn it into an epic classroom quiz game with one of our amazing quiz game experiences, such as our basketball game, Hoopzz, or our 3D block world game, Blockerzz. 

If you don’t have time to run the full test in class, just edit a copy of the test and delete questions until you have a version of the test with questions that match the TEKS standards that you particularly want to test. You can even create and add more questions with our AI quiz creator if you wish.

To assign or edit a STAAR review quiz, just follow the links below to the quiz preview page below and click “Give to class”.

Looking for more released tests? STAAR 2013-2019

We’re in the process of digitizing all the grades and subjects for released tests from 2021 to 2023, but we already have digitized released tests from 2013 to 2019. It’s a fantastic resource of quizzes for you to use in class.  We’ve even created quizzes testing individual TEKS standards by combining all the questions tagged to the same standard across multiple years.

You can quickly find all the quizzes in our database that have a question tagged to a particular TEKS standard on our curriculum page:

As well as Mathematics, English, and Science, our collection of released tests includes social studies, history, and High School algebra:

Are you a Science teacher? Check our Science Diagnostic Quizzes

If you are a science teacher, we even have some dedicated diagnostic quizzes for you! Each question has been tagged to the appropriate TEKS standard too, so you can instantly spot each student’s learning gaps.

Address COVID learning loss (ESSER Funding)

All these quizzes are free to use with our free version of Quizalize, but you’ll get a lot more from Quizalize with a Premium account. Indeed, Quizalize is the perfect tool to help address COVID learning loss, and your school can purchase a subscription using ESSER funds. You can check out our guide to using ESSER funds to purchase Quizalize.

We started Quizalize to help teachers personalize their teaching in the classroom and make a difference to each and every student.  Round Rock ISD found that Quizalize helped students score 8-10% more in end-of-year state standardized tests. We hope that these new quizzes will go a long way to helping you have that impact and address learning loss in particular.  Let us know if there is more we can do to create benchmarking or diagnostic quizzes to help you.

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